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Portfolio of Jack Williams
Bathspa University
Exhibition: Introspective (25 Jun 2009)
The work of Jack Williams explores the constructed cultural identity of objects and text and their ‘usefulness’ as documents. Williams subverts or recontextulises these meanings by ‘robbing’ the objects out of their original context to place them in situations that disturb or shift their ‘naturalness’. Williams work contains underlying themes of the experience of exisiting with a ‘supermodern’ culture. This existence is paradoxical, with both enjoyment and ambigiouity.

The mediums by which the work presents itself are pluralistic, ranging from documentation of Wikipedia lectures, soundbites of Wimbledon, suspended car air freshners, and activites of flicking elastic bands into a box. Williams’ works between screen-printing, photo-etching, object-assembledge, performance, audio-visual, adopting to the relevant medium that the conversation of work demands.


Activity for Dartmouth Avenue 4
33 512 elastics bands, perspex box, printed Natwest document 'New Students Expect to Pay £33,512 to Get a Degree '

350 'Royal Pine' Little tree car-air fresheners, 'Silver mist' wall emulsion, 'Corvette' floor emulsion

Five Lectures on War from Wikipedia
'5 Lectures on War from Wikipedia' was part of an exhibition exploring the progress and duration of a work. A Lecture was given each day.

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